GoLang Hands-on with gRPC-Unary

Part #1.) :- Steps to demonstrate the basic setup :-

brew install clang-format
brew install protobuf
go get -u google.golang.org/grpc
brew install protoc-gen-go
brew install protoc-gen-go-grpc

Part #2.) :- We are now setting up the gRPC based server :-

go mod init github.com/adityagoel123/grpc-aditya-learning
  • client
  • server
  • proto
protoc -Igreet/proto --go_opt=module=github.com/adityagoel123/grpc-aditya-learning --go_out=. --go-grpc_opt=module=github.com/adityagoel123/grpc-aditya-learning --go-grpc_out=. greet/proto/*.proto
  • At line #18, we are listening on the default TCP port i.e. 50051. This is also a default port at which gRPC server usually runs.
  • At line #27, we are launching a new-server through gRPC.
  • At line #28, we are registering our gRPC server with the Service, so that, it can start serving the traffic on the same.
go mod tidy
go build -o bin/greet/server ./greet/server

Part #3.) :- We are now setting up the gRPC based client :-

  • At line #13, we are setting-up gRPC-connection in an un-secured manner.
  • At line #19, we are indicating our intent that, gRPC-connection shall be closed, once the entire processing of main function is done with.
go build -o bin/greet/client ./greet/client




Software Engineer for Big Data distributed systems

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aditya goel

aditya goel

Software Engineer for Big Data distributed systems

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