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aditya goel
3 min readMar 13, 2022

Question:- Practically speaking, what’s the difference between Http/1 vs Http/2 ?

Answer:- We’re now going to compare its performance with loading 100 images one with Http/1 and other while loading images with http/2, with a very poor internet connection :-

  • You can log into your own laptop and do a demo as well. If you have a very good internet connection, you may not find the difference noticeable.
  • Note that, how fast the images will load on HTP/2 versus Http/1.1

Question:- What’s happening under the hoods ?

Answer:- So, that’s a hundred API calls. It takes a lot longer to do this in HTTP 1.1 versus HTTP 2. So, think better connection using mobile device or slow device or whatever, it really increases the latency and speed for loading messages or those using the same internet connection.

Question:- What’s the importance of using Http/2 ?

Question:- Let’s first talk about Http/1 first ?

Answer:- Http v1.1 is very expensive for API calls, as it opens new connections every time for each call.

Question:- What happens whenever we load a website these days with Http/1.1 and what’s it’s impact ?

Answer:- Currently when you go to any website, you will load about 80 assets on average and assets can be anything like CSS, HTML, Picture, JSP, etc.

Question:- Let’s now talk about Http/2 features ?

Answer:- HTTP/2 is a revolutionary technology and have almost become the new standard for internet communications, that improves the communication-over the network tremendously.

Note the below important points :-

  • The server and client can push messages in parallel all the same TCP connections and it is incredible as it will greatly reduce latency.
  • It does also supports server-push i.e. Servers can now push the streams (multiple messages) for one request from the client and finally it saves lot of unwanted round-trips and hence again save few bucks on latency.
  • SSL is by-default first class citizen here in case of Http/2 and that’s the reason, Http/2 is secure by design.

Question:- Let’s conclude our learnings about the Http/2 :-

That means immediately after using your gRPC framework to implement the APIs, we shall get all these fixes, out of the box. So, we are glad that this framework is so revolutionary.

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