Twitter System Design

  • HomeTimeline is the one, where user sees his/her friend’s tweets.
  • UserTimeline is the one, where user sees his/her own tweets.
  • User Table → Stores user information.
  • Tweet Table → Stores the tweets information.
  • Follower Table → Stores the mapping between the users.
  • <UserId, List_of_Tweets> → To be used for User Timeline.
  • <UserId, List_of_Followers> → To be used for Home Timeline.
  • Say User U1 have 100 friends/followers.
  • Now, when user U1 tweets, then first and foremost the pre-computed UserTimeline is updated in Redis.
  • Secondly all the 100 friend’s HomeTimeline is also updated. It means that, we store the pre-computed HomeTimeline into the Redis.
  • Whenever any one of 100 friend, opens their respective HomeTimeline, the same is fetched from the Redis and shown.
  • A Celebrity may have Millions of followers.
  • Whenever celebrity tweets, it’s not advisable to update the HomeTimeline of all those Million followers.
  • In this case, mix & merge approach is adopted.



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aditya goel

aditya goel

Software Engineer for Big Data distributed systems