Load Shedding with APIs

aditya goel
2 min readJan 7, 2023

Question: What is the concept of Load-Shedding ?

Question: What are the factors, based upon which we can be performing the Load-Shedding ?

Question: Share with an example, what would happen with all the dropped requests, while we are doing the Load-Shedding ?

Question: Demonstrate the step by step example to implement the Load-Shedding with Spring Boot based Microservice ?

Step #1.) First, we create the Spring boot based application :-

Step #2.) Secondly, the controller looks like this :-

Step #3.) Next, we would write the code for our FILTER as below :-

Step #4.) Now that we run our application :-

  • We start four different shells and we hit the curl from all 4 of them.
  • We can observe that, for first three requests, the request has been well accepted and response is well served, whereas for the 4th shell, the response “Service Unavailable” has been returned.

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