KSQL-DB : Confluent Kafka Platform | Part2

  • Filtering streams of data.
  • Joining live streams of events with reference data (e.g. from a database).
  • Continuous, stateful aggregations.

= _ _ ____ ____ =
= | | _____ __ _| | _ \| __ ) =
= | |/ / __|/ _` | | | | | _ \ =
= | <\__ \ (_| | | |_| | |_) | =
= |_|\_\___/\__, |_|____/|____/ =
= |_| =
= Event Streaming Database purpose-built =
= for stream processing apps =
Copyright 2017-2020 Confluent Inc.CLI v5.5.0, Server v5.5.1 located at http://ksql-0-internal.user72.svc.cluster.local:8088Having trouble? Type 'help' (case-insensitive) for a rundown of how things work!ksql>
  • We don’t need to know the format of the data when `print`ing a topic; KSQL introspects the data and understands how to deserialize it.
  • Kafka topic names are case-sensitive (“Ratings” and “ratings” are two different topics on a Kafka broker). All the KSQL constructs though, like Streams and Tables and everything else, are case-insensitive as you would expect from most database-like systems.
ksql> print ratings limit 3;
create stream ratings with (kafka_topic='ratings', value_format='avro');
Exploring “where” clause.
create stream poor_ratings as select * from ratings where stars < 3 and channel like 'iOS%';
describe extended POOR_RATINGS;
ksql> print POOR_RATINGS;
Output of underlying KAFKA topic → print POOR_RATINGS;
create stream customers_cdc with(kafka_topic='mysql.customer.customers-raw', value_format='AVRO');
No Output of Querying onto Stream (for which no data is arriving)
set 'auto.offset.reset' = 'earliest';
select after->first_name as first_name, after->last_name as last_name from customers_cdc emit changes;
create stream customers_flat with (partitions=1) as 
after->id as id,
after->first_name as first_name,
after->last_name as last_name,
after->email as email,
after->club_status as club_status,
after->comments as comments
from customers_cdc partition by after->id;
print CUSTOMERS_FLAT from beginning limit 3;
describe customers_flat;
select * from customers_flat emit changes;
create table customers(rowkey int key) with (kafka_topic='CUSTOMERS_FLAT', value_format='AVRO');
> update customers set first_name = 'Jay', last_name='Kreps' where id = 1;
create stream vip_poor_ratings as
select r.user_id, c.first_name, c.last_name, c.club_status, r.stars
from poor_ratings r
left join customers c
on r.user_id = c.rowkey
where lcase(c.club_status) = 'platinum';
show queries;
Inspecting all Consumer-Groups.
Inspecting any particular consumer-group for a Query.
select first_name, last_name, count(*) as rating_count
from vip_poor_ratings
window tumbling (size 5 minutes)
group by first_name, last_name
having count(*) > 1 emit changes;



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aditya goel

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