Kafka-Streams with Spring-Boot | Part1

  • The first one is known as the input/output channel binding. The input/output channel binding defines the list of sources and the destinations. We are defining only one channel. The name of the channel is “input-channel-1”, and the destination is the “users”. This means that, In this configuration, We shall connect to “users” Kafka topic using the “input-channel-1”. Because we wanted to connect to the “users” Kafka topic and read all the messages.
  • The second one is known as the binder. The binder will define our source and destination technology.
  • Apache Kafka Binder → It implements the Kafka Client APIs.
  • Kafka Streams Binder → It is explicitly designed for Kafka Streams API.
  • This method will read from a Kafka topic and return a KStream. The KStream is a Kafka message stream made up of a string key and a String value, here in our case.
  • We also need to annotate this method using @Input annotation and pass in the input channel name. That’s all.
  • We want to bind this class with the Spring-Cloud-Stream infrastructure and for the same purpose, we are using @EnableBinding annotation. Into this, we pass in our “binder-interface-name”. This class will trigger the Spring-Cloud-Stream framework and connect to the Kafka input channel using the Kafka Streams API and start consuming the input messages as a KStream.
  • The next step is to process each message from the KStream. This method is @StreamListener for the given input channel. The Spring Cloud framework will call this method and pass in the KStream. Now, we can do whatever we want to do with this KStream.
  • In this use-case, we would simply log the key-value-message thus being received. So, we shall use the foreach() method on the input stream which takes in key/value lambda, and log the key and the value.




Software Engineer for Big Data distributed systems

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aditya goel

aditya goel

Software Engineer for Big Data distributed systems

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