Installing & Verifying GO in VS at MAC

aditya goel
4 min readJan 26, 2022


Step #1.) First download the GO-package :-

Step #2.) Proceed to install the GO-package, by double clicking on the same :-

Step #3.) Verify now, whether the GO has been installed or not ?

Step #4.) Verify the path, where GO has been installed ?

Step #5.) Verify the PATh variable, which would indicate where GO has been installed.

Step #6.) Now, head to VS-Studio Code and install the plugin of GO in VS :-

Step #7.) Now, In VSCode, goto View → Command Palette → Locate Configured GO Tools. With this, we can see output of GO related variables :-

Step #8.) Now, head to our working directory and create a file called as “go.mod” by this command and observe that, we have a new file being created under this directory.

go mod init hello

Step #9.) Let’s create a “main.go” file and write some sample code of GOLANG :-

// You can edit this code!
// Click here and start typing.
package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
var companies = [4]string{"Amazon", "Microsoft", "Yahoo", "Google"}
fmt.Println("Array of Strings is: ", companies)
var intArrays [5]int
intArrays[0] = 78
intArrays[1] = 85
intArrays[2] = 91
intArrays[3] = 93
intArrays[4] = 97
fmt.Println("Array of Integers is: ", intArrays)
fmt.Println("Size of IntegersArray is: ", len(intArrays))
fmt.Println("Size of StringArray is: ", len(companies))

Step #10.) Let’s now try running this sample go file by clicking on :- Run → Run Without Debugging.

Step #11.) Let’s observe the output of the same :-

Step #12.) Another way of executing the GO Programs is, using Integrated Terminal by using command :-

go run <NAME_OF_FILE.go>

Step #13.) We can also execute the GO files directly using below command too:-

go run .

Step #13.) We can also generate the Build along with RunTime from a given source file of GO :-

go build .
  • Upon performing the build operation, note that compiled binary file specifically designed for MAC operating-system, has been generated with name “hello”.
  • We can execute this executable binary directly ONLY at this particular OS i.e. MAC and it shall NOT work on Windows.

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