How does Browser Opens any Website

Question:- What happens when someone types-in some URL into the Browser ?

Answer → Following are the steps being followed, whenever someone types-in some URL into the Browser :-

Step 1.) Client enters the URL into the Browser.

Step 2.) Browser needs to know, how to reach to the Server (In this case → This is done using the process of DNS-LookUp. Basically, objective here is to find the IP-Address of the server.

Step 3.) Browser then establishes the TCP-connection with the Server, using the IP-address it got.

Step 4.) Browser now sends HTTP request to the Server, over the established TCP-connection.

Step 5.) Server processes the request & sends back the response.

Step 6.) Browser now reads the response & finally renders the content.

Question:- What are various components of the URL ?

Question:- Explain a bit about the process of DNS ?

Question:- Explain the process of DNS-LookUp ?

Answer → This process is an elaborate and elegant process. DNS information is heavily cached at various places :-

Finally, the Browser has the IP-address of the server. This has been shown above in step-2nd of image above.

Question:- Explain how does the TCP Connection established ?

Answer → This is again an detailed and complex process :-

Finally, the Browser is able to establish a TCP-Connection with the Server. This has been shown above in step-3rd of image above.

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