GCP || Load Balancers Overview

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4 min readJul 9, 2023

In case you are landing here directly, it’s strongly suggested that you go and read through this for fundamentals.

In this blog, we shall be looking at following concepts :-

  • Introduction to Instance Groups.
  • Types of Instance Groups.
  • Introduction to Load-Balancing.
  • Launching an Load-Balancer from Scratch

Question:- What is an Instance-Group ?

Question:- What are the types of Instance-Groups, available with GCP ?

Question:- What can be the location of a Instance-Group ?

Question:- Explain something about the Managed Instance Group

Question:- What is Cloud Load Balancing ?

Question:- Explain how does OSI Layers comes into play in Computer Networking ?

Question:- Which all protocols are being used across different OSI Layers ?

Question:- What are the important terminology related to Load-Balancer ?

Question:- What are the important features of different Load-Balancers ?

Question:- Demonstrate pictorially : Which Load-Balancer should be chosen on the basis of which all parameters ?

Question:- What’s the recommended setting for ssl offloading with Load Balancers in GCP ?

Question:- Demonstrate step by step procedure to launch an External LB in GCP ?

Step #1.) Navigate to the screen for launching the Load-Balancer :-

Step #2.) Choose the type of Load-Balancer as “Internet to my VMs”. This is Internet Facing Load-Balancer, which would receive the traffic from Internet :-

Step #3.) Now, we choose the BackEnd Configuration for this Load-Balancer :-

Step #4.) In this step, we define the name of this BackEnd and timeout :-

Step #5.) In this step, we associate the Instance-Group with our LB. Ths is the step, where we also define the port-Number for our LB :-

Step #6.) In this step, we define the health-check with our LB :-

Step #7.) Finally, we are done now and can review all our configurations :-

Step #8.) And here is we have our Global-LB created now :-

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