Designing scalable Customer-Review System

aditya goel
3 min readOct 23, 2023

Question → What is the importance of having a solid Customer-Review System ?

Question → Does Customer-Review System also have any impact on increasing Sales/Transactions at our website ?

Question → How does Customer-Review Microservice looks like ?

Question → What’s the scale that we are talking about here onto the Customer-Review Microservice ?

Question → How much is the amount of data, which is being involved here ?

If we do the computation, the space-requirement comes out to be :-

Question → What approach do we need to adopt, in order to make sure that our DB can handle such a big load ?

Question → On what basis, do we perform the Sharding ?

Question → What can be the simple strategy to perform sharding ?

Question → What’s the biggest issue with the aforementioned approach of Hash Based Sharding ?

Question → What’s the solution to the aforementioned challenge ?

Question → How does ReSizing happens with Consistent-Hashing ?

Question → How does overall architecture of Customer-Reviews System looks like ?

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